CoMuFe 2024

CoMuFe 2024

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Be a CoMuFer!

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Let's go on board!

Let's go on board!

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27 - 31 oct. 2024

Ship Costa Fascinosa

Genova Port


Welcome to Controllers’ Music Festival – 2024 Cruise Edition

Book before 20th November 2023 and try your luck winning a free cabin upgrade!

Prices published are guaranteed until 20th November 2023, then they increase.

This no-profit festival puts together air traffic controllers playing in live bands only (no musical base), DJs and friends.

For the first time ever festival will take place on a Costa cruise ship!!!!

In every band/DJ session there must be at least one air traffic controller.

All friends are welcome to join as audience!

1st Cruise Festival for CoMuFers!


Unlimited alcoholic drinks packages at 26 euros per day including soft drinks, draught beer, wine and selected cocktail at the bars and in the restaurants. Can you believe it? 

Book today

Book your cabin at 250 € per adult and 100 € per child. After 20th nov ’23 fares may change. Published fares include service charge, port taxes and insurance. No hidden fees.


4th ATC PADEL CUP takes place in Barcelona on 29th of Oct. Take the chance to play with air traffic controllers around the world in the temple of padel!


Embarkation and disembarkation take place only in Genova Port on 27th oct 2024. Other ports of call are Marseille, Barcelona and one full day on the sea. Are you ready for endless parties?


Choose among Interior, sea view and sea balcony cabins (limited availability).

Here follow some popular choices, in the registration form you will find exact fare for your cabin!

!HOT! Children younger than 18 years not finished are welcome to join for only 150 Euro. (you pay only port taxes, service charge and insurance) !HOT!

Children fare applies only as 3rd and 4th bed in the cabin.


Quadruple - Interior

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Triple - Interior

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Double - Interior

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Single - Sea View

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Double - Sea View

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Double - Sea Balcony

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All reservations with deposit done before 20th Nov enjoy:

FREE CABIN UPGRADE BY DRAW (1 step above, best cabin is the MINISUITE CABIN)

LOCKED PRICE, TODAY 22 nov we are soldout.

Working on a new cabins group.


Price per person per package.

Total fare includes basic fare, service charge (tip), port taxes, medical/baggages insurance. 

No hidden fees! Limited availability, a different cabin can be offered if the taken one is sold out (surcharges may apply)


What happen on 2oth November or when the cabins are sold out?

We are already working on it, but a fare increase is extremely probable, since our group price agreed was set on a limited cabins cluster.

What meals are included?

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, buffet all day long, you have almost h24 food!

Will we have a special wristband to identify CoMuFer’s from regular guests?

Yes, you will receive the special wristband from the staff on arrival!

Will we have a separate part of the ship to ourselves to maintain the CoMuFe community?

We are working to select an area for cabin near the concert area. 

Will the performances be for CoMuFer’s only or will they be available for all passengers?

After negotiating, since we want to promote our bands and our event and we want more audience possible, the concerts are open to all passengers (with some restrictions for “regular” passengers.

Will comufers have their own restaurant?

Comufers have a specific area in the main restaurant for served dinners. 

Where are the concerts going to take place?

Concerts take place in the Chery Lounge, DECK 5. It’s a huge lounge facing aft with large windows. Sound service is going to be improved at our requested level.

Are the concerts going to take only at night?

for 27,28,29 october concerts take place from 2030 till 0230. On 30th (full navigation day) we are working to extend te time in the afternoon too, to let all bands play.

How much luggage can I take on board?

The number of bags you can carry on board varies depending on the length of your cruise:
– Cruise up to 7 nights: in addition to hand luggage, one bag/suitcase per person

We are working for an extra bag for guitar/bass/other music instruments.

Do I need to consider extra expenses?

For all Comufers meals, accommodation, concerts, taxes, service fees, insurance (medical/baggage), tips are included. Only drinks can be paid by drinks package (we suggest the 26 euro one), check the proper section. No hidden fees.

For Padel player an entry fee may be requested to cover t-shirt, courts and transportation costs.

Only COVID19 insurance (22 euro per passenger) in not included but is planned to be cancelled in few weeks by Costa.

I am pregnant, can I go on a cruise?

Yes, if you have not entered the 24th week of pregnancy by the end of the cruise.
Please bring a medical certificate that verifies the expected due date and a good state of health. Please note that our ships are not equipped for assistance with pregnancy and birth.

What is the minimum age for children?

6 months at the embarkation day.

How do I pay for purchases and expenses on board?

On board each guest will receive a personal identification card: all costs will be charged directly to the account of the cabin with this Costa Card, so it will not be necessary to carry cash during your stay on the ship for daily expenses in bars, in the boutique or for extra services. We will issue a receipt for each purchase, which must be signed by the guest. At the end of the cruise and before landing, you will receive a final bill with listed items of all purchases made on board.
Upon delivery, the Costa Card is already activated and will automatically charge your purchases to the account of the cabin. However, within 48 hours after boarding you must register your personal credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) or your ATM card (with the exception of ships in Asia) to ensure the coverage of card costs. We do not accept prepaid cards. Alternatively, you can pay a cash deposit of $150 dollars per person (in the following days it may be necessary to supplement this sum if the expenses incurred exceed the deposit). In the first 48 hours, the card costs may be temporarily disabled if the costs exceed $200 dollars (if not covered by a cash deposit or the registration of credit/debit cards).

What happens in the event of rough seas or bad weather?

Our itineraries are designed to offer our guests the most beautiful and calmest seas in the world in the best seasons. Our ships have been designed and manufactured using the latest technology: we have a sophisticated stabilization system to ensure that sailing is peaceful even in rough seas. Those who have already experienced a cruise with us were surprised by the breadth of the interior spaces and the sense of stability that you have walking aboard our ships. In any event, seasickness tablets are available free of charge at the Hospitality Office for those who need them.

Can you smoke on board?

Smoking – cigarettes, cigars and pipes – is not permitted on board in all public areas of the ship, with the exception of the areas marked as “Cigar Lounge”. Electronic cigarettes can be used exclusively in the cabins and in the areas marked as “Cigar Lounge”. In some public areas, smoking is allowed only in designated outdoor Smoking Points equipped with ashtrays. Smoking is not allowed in cabins but is permitted outdoors on private balconies. In order to avoid a fire hazard, it is very important to always extinguish and dispose of cigarettes in appropriate ashtrays and never throw them from the ship when still lit.


Costa Fascinosa – Embarkation and Disembarkation only in GENOVA

  • Day 1  Genova

    Sun 27 October – Departure: 18:00
    Set in the maritime station, the port of Genoa is located in Liguria, in the north west of Italy


  • Day 2  Marseille

    Mon 28 October – Arrival: 08:00 / Departure: 18:00
    Marseille, the city on the sea in the south east of France, is the main boarding port in France for all cruises departing for the Mediterranean.
  • Day 3  Barcelona

    Tue 29 October – Arrival: 08:00 / Departure: 18:00
    Barcelona is one of the most popular cities for cruises in the Mediterranean. The port of Barcelona is ready to surprise you.
  • Day 5  Genova

    Thu 31 OctoberArrival: 09:00


Transportation and embarkation

Are you planning to have an hotel to put together all Comufers coming on 26th October in Genoa?

Not, at this time, our last agreement has changed in Genoa. We are planning to have a party. Expect information later in summer.

Do you provide transportation from airports?

Genoa Airport is few minutes from Costa cruise terminal (LIMJ/GOA)

Costa Cruises provides airport shuttle service from Milan Malpensa/Linate.

27.OCT.24: Milan Malpensa T1 Departure 11:30 – Arrival Genova 14:30

27.OCT.24: Milan Linate Departure 12:00 – Arrival Genova 14:30

31.OCT.24 Genova Departure 11:00 – Arrival Milan Malpensa T1 14:15

31.OCT.24 Genova Departure 10:30 – Arrival Milan Linate 13:30

Costa bus costs 42 euro each way (prices are changed by Costa few at the beginning of April) and can be booked later, few weeks before departure in the detailed information sheet.

Genova is anyway easily reachable from Milan/Turin/Bologna/Nice/Monaco area by trains.

When is the boarding time and disembarkation time?

We are going to have different slots (for technical staff, for bands performing on 27th, for later CoMuFers, up to your flight schedule) starting from 10am until 2:30 pm. 

If someone is delayed beyond the last boarding time, is possible to reach the ship in Marseille ?

Yes, only giving an official communication to the ship management.

If somebody strongly needed to disembark in Barcelona (they would be missing half the festival) would that be a possibility?

Yes, only giving an official communication to the ship management.


Which documents should i have in order to take my cruise?

In addition to travel documents (boarding pass, cruise tickets, luggage tags and any tickets), each guest must bring a valid identity document for travel abroad to all countries included in the itinerary: Identity card or passport, depending on your nationality and destination of the cruise.
Remember that it is your responsibility to obtain the necessary travel documents and comply with the requirements of customs and immigration. Passengers without the correct travel documents will not be permitted to board and their holiday will not be refunded. It will also be the guest’s responsibility to ensure they have any visas required for the countries to be visited and to check the validity of their travel documents.

What documents are needed for minors?

Children under 18 years old must also travel with a passport and, from June 26, 2012, inclusion in their parents’ passports is no longer considered valid
For all cruises that require a valid ID card to leave the country – children under 18 years may travel with their passport or identity card (please note that for children under 14 years with Italian nationality, if the names of their parents/guardians are not included in their document, a birth certificate proving parentage will also be required). If the child is not travelling with both parents or is accompanied by guardians or any persons mentioned in the document, please check with the relevant authorities to find out what is required for minors to travel abroad.
For children under 15 years, please check with the relevant authorities if they can use just their birth certificate with photo, validated for travel abroad by the police or other authorities. The acceptance of this document by the local authorities depends on regulations in the countries visited by the ship during the route (for example in Egypt, Morocco, Gibraltar, Iceland, the certificate is not valid).

Are special travel documents and visas required?

We always ask our guests to check before departure that they are in possession of the identity document required for their cruise and to check the expiration date. For tourist visas in particular, our guests are reminded that it is their responsibility to request the visas for all the countries they will visit during their cruise at the embassies/consulates prior to departure from their country. Passengers without the correct travel documents will not be permitted to board and their holiday will not be refunded.

Cabin choice

All cabins can normally host 1-2 adults. Extra beds are upper beds (AKA Pull down beds or Pullman style beds).

All cabins can host no more than 4 guests (including children).

Interior cabin: For those who love to stay by the pool all day, enjoy aperitifs and rotating shows: a room from where everything is easily accessible, to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep and start off each day with a new adventure.

Sea View: The sky and the sea in your room: enjoy ever-changing views from the comfort of your bed! An elegant and bright room to relax with those you love and daily admire the colours of your holiday.
Sea Balcony: A large terrace just for you, to experience the beauty of the sea, any time of day and night, and take memorable selfies with your sweetheart. Your Sea Terrace allows you to enjoy your breakfast in the open air or sip your aperitif at sunset while admiring an ever-changing sea view.

All cabins are modern in style and offer small and large comforts. In each are: air conditioning with thermostat, flat-screen satellite TV, safe, minibar and 24-hour room service, a steward who is always available (surcharge depending on cabin choice during purchase), WiFi (surcharge), soap and liquid soap for the shower and linen (sheets and towels), changed regularly. Every morning, the cabin and bathroom will be cleaned and organized. Every evening, as well additional cleaning with trash removal, there will be a replacement of pool towels and towels left on the floor and a ready-made bed to welcome you for the night, blinds closed and the lights on.

For more details check
In case of a reservation for multiple beds room and you need the CoMuFe match to fill up your room, be aware that in case of no other Comufers compatible, a fare adjustment can be requested. 

Equipment for Live Performers

Our venue is located at Deck 5 – Aft in the Chery Lounge with large windows facing the sea. In the Chery Lounge a great bar is waiting for our party. The stage tech configuration will be exactly as it has always been composed of acoustic drums set with cymbals, keyboards, microphones, amplifiers for guitars and bass, on-stage monitors. Our sound engineers are already packing all stuff needed, as it is in our interests, to guarantee the best performance for everyone.

The Cruise festival is an experiment that promises great emotions and new possible developments. We are sure that the spirit of the community is such as to enjoy this new great adventure!!

For DJ we will provide a DJ Consolle. You will need only your audio source. 

All other requirements or instruments probably can be met at an extra charge.

Payment&Cancellation Policy






Cancellation before 20th Nov 2023 will result in free cancellation (only bank expenses)

Cancellations after 20th Nov and before 15th July result in a fee of 250€ per adult and 150€ per kid .

Cancellations after 15th July and before 27th September result in a fee of 75% of the total cost of your package.

Cancellations after 27th September result in a fee of 100% of the total cost of your package.


90 days before departure no change can be made in cabin setup. We can try, but we cannot guarantee.

In case of a reservation for multiple beds room and you need the CoMuFe match to fill up your room, be aware that in case of no other Comufers compatible, a fare adjustment will be requested.

Since the event is fully no profit, as usual we will make our best to reduce cancellation fees to the minimum.

Food and Drinks

Food: your fares includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and food buffet (almost h24)

Drink packages are available from 13 euro per day and they can book before boarding (few weeks before). Drinks packages must be take for all guests in the cabin, including kids (no-alcohol drinks)

For example for 26 euro per day you can have unlimited wine, soft drinks, draught beer, cocktails, water at the bars and in the restaurants. UNBELIEVABLE!


It includes a selection of off-the-list wines, soft drinks, draft beer and mineral water during meals (lunch and dinner) at the restaurant and buffet served by the glass.

Fare for adults (GMLUNCH):                      13€ per person/day

Fare for kids 4,17 yrs (GMLUNCHY):          8,50€ per person/day


Includes a selection of soft drinks served by the glass (including coffee, tea, energy drinks, juices, water) at the bars only.

Fare for adults (GMDRSOF): €20.00 per person/day

Fare for kids 4,17 yrs (GMDRSOFY): 15,00€ per person/day



It includes a selection of wines, soft drinks, draft beer, selected cocktails and mineral water served by the glass + 1 bottle of 0.5 L water per person per day at the bars and at the restaurants.

Fare for adults (GMDRINK):                        26,00€ per person/day

Fare for kids 4,17 yrs (GMDRINKY):           15,00€ per person/day



Includes a premium selection of wines, soft drinks, draft beer, selected cocktails and mineral water served by the glass + a 0.5L bottle of water per person per day at the bars and at the restaurants. Drinks form the minibar included.

Prezzo adt (GMDRPLU):                              38,00€ per person/day

Fare for kids 4,17 yrs (GMDRPLUY):           15,00€ per person/day



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